Fandomfare MTG Arena Tuesday night Test

Fandomfare MTG Arena Tuesday night Test

FANDOMFARE Live Game streaming
Fandomfare MTG Arena Tuesday night Test
Fandomfare MTG Arena Tuesday night Test well we spent several hours trying to speed up the laptop chrome and facebook combo we did have a little success, not a lot but some After several hours scanning for malware google suggested the computer had, to find really nothing a few questionable cookies cleaned , the thing that helped the most and I am not sure many know this is even their chrome has it own malware scan  this didn’t look like it did much but and it ended saying there was an error twice chrome was faster . my first attempt failed the chrome browser actually just went nonresponsive and then the whole thing crashed, the game kept running fine after I finished my play I reboot the laptop and tried the test over second time was a charm and there was no mouse lag at all. MTG Arena Tuesday was fun, second round the live stream players were cutting games short a lot for whatever reason no matter gave me a chance to collect more cards and gold with little effort or work no one minds that now and again. so just a tip if your having issue with facebook and chrome and you are using  FB share screen run the chrome clean up tool in the advanced setting area bottom of the list it doesn’t appear as if it does much but chrome will run faster and clean up more then a few problems. .


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