LEGO Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles coming to macOS on 21st November

LEGO Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles coming to macOS on 21st November

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Feral Interactive today announced that LEGO Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles, an exciting brick-based reimagining of the Disney•Pixar films The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, will be released on macOS on 21st November 2018. The game was originally developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for consoles and Windows.

In LEGO Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles, players will experience the thrilling adventures of the Parr family as they conquer crime and family life in a LEGO world full of fun and humor. As they play through scenes from the films, players will harness Mr. Incredible’s super strength, Elastigirl’s flexible transformations, and the rest of the Parr family’s awe-inspiring abilities.

Players will explore action-packed story levels and an epic hub world, including the city of Municiberg, as they use their unique super abilities to bring villains to justice. LEGO Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles encourages players to work together in split-screen co-op by assembling incredible LEGO builds, and using the Parr family's powers in dynamic combination to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

The game also features special characters from across the Pixar Animation Studios universe, including Woody from Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story, Merida from Disney•Pixar’s Brave, and Lightning McQueen from Disney•Pixar’s Cars.

LEGO Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles will be supported on the following Macs:

  • All 13” MacBook Pros released since 2016
  • All 15” MacBook Pros released since Mid 2015
  • All 21.5” iMacs released since Late 2013
  • All 27” iMacs released since Late 2014
  • All 27” iMac Pros released since Late 2017

All Mac Pros released since Late 2013

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