G2A and Wargaming exclusive World of Warships content

G2A and Wargaming exclusive World of Warships content

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G2A and Wargaming exclusive World of Warships content

G2A Marketplace users who spend aminimum of 1onG2A.COMwill receive$15 worth of exclusiveWorld of Warships content for free. The joint action will see one million starter packs given out until December 6th, 2018.

The free content includes the Japanese Tier IV Premium battleship Ishizuchi, 300 doubloons, and 3 days of premium access to World of Warships. The starter packs will only work on new World of Warships accounts and can be activated through a dedicated personal code and a sign-up link.

"We are happy that our cooperation with Wargaming is bringing so much valuable content to our users,"saysJosh Cabrera, Business Development ManageratG2A. "This is our way of saying thank youto the G2A community. We hope that as many of our users as possible will get their chance to play the amazing game that is World of Warships. We are working hard to provide the best deals for gamers and geeks and are looking forward to working with developers on similar promotions in the near future."

"We are very pleased with this cooperation,"saysStanislau Semianikhin, Business Development Directorat Wargaming. "So many of G2A's users will now have the opportunity to embark on their maiden voyage in World of Warships and join the millions of players worldwide who are already enjoying the thrills of naval warfare,"he adds.


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