Saturday LiveStream in the arena with Fandomfare

Fandomfare Saturday Live stream in the Arena

Fandomfare Saturday Live stream in the Arena

Fandomfare Saturday Live stream in the Arena well tonight no different then the rest of the week with problems started wiith  a update on the game which went well but on first attempt to play the game went nonresponsive and we wound up shutting down and rebooting . 

we delayed tthe saturday night livestream a few hours and tried again we we had only one tab in chrome for facebook and the share screen and MTG area running  how ever something seemed to be leaking or eatting ram big time so much so it was effecting out mouse and touchpad point would barly move we limped through as it was in an effeort to get things moving we played 2 hours facebook gave up after 102 no notice warning or reason just decided it was done that was our best stream run for the week .

the play was rough tonight casting blue spells usually a simple no hassle big deal, however, the 30 spells that normally takes about 45 mins took 2 hours.I have never seen a time in the last months where I have got the same person to play more than once tonight was so long I seen people in three different  times key to casting  spells too is the players not conceding too soon we had some canceled after only 3 plays the rent rounds which was interesting in its self.

tonight I had \Ian playing I was just sitting in watching he is getting way better in his game the night went on a bit long for him at 9 years old he has an attention level for the same thing 45 minutes tops and does not deal with glitches like we were having with our pointer well.

sorry for all the issues we seem to be having, I don’t see them as our issues really the laptop we have is inside the limits the game and facebook and chrome require no it doesn’t have a $1000 video card but it does have one with 2GB Vram of its own could be better but workable one of these groups made changes that have caused these issues not only has Facebook made changes  chrome had and update MTG arena has had 2 and windows had an update too .

I thought the pointer problem was the mouse we have replaced the mouse 3 times in a week and a bunch of batteries with no difference the only thing I haven’t tried is a hard-wired mouse. Hope to see you again in Magic the Gathering arena.

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