Voyager - GE 18.10 Release

Voyager – GE 18.10 Release

Linux Distribution

Voyager - GE 18.10 Release

Voyager - GE 18.10 based on the desktop Gnome-Shell and Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish). Gnome Shell Why now? Because Voyager had abandoned Gnome-Shell office 10 years ago to xfce, because of his youth and especially a lack of flexibility and extensions, issues at the time. Now, after several tests, the conclusion is that a part of Gnome Shell system is ergonomically new, changeable and flexible in its infancy. Also, he was considered to make a version called GE for Gnome Shell.

 Why the intermediate version of 9 months in 18.10 and not 18.04 LTS with its 3 years of media?Because of Gnome Shell 3.30.1 release not to install the 18.04 LTS, and much better than the 3.28 LTS was taking too many system resources. So soon for this new digital and human adventure.

The distribution Voyager wants multi-profile and multi-task in an environment aesthetic and immersive as possible and that, from the origins of traveling, so that time spent on your machine is the most pleasant. In summary, the general idea is that for each profile, we have options available types that can activate or not.

"So of course, this project will not please everyone, especially for those looking for minimalist with some launchers or those who wish to do everything by themselves, which I respect, but it is better for them to change distribution in order to avoid unnecessary disappointments. Note that this does not bother me at all. My goal is to share an adventure in the heart of digital as passionately as respect for the charter of free unfortunately gleefully trampled in the image of the man of today. But nothing is lost, the battle has begun. "

Distribution GE Voyager based on Ubuntu 18.10 will cycle nine months of support and updates. For information, these are intermediate versions that prepare Future LTS. You can then seamlessly transition to 19.04 with automatic up-to-date system and so on until the next LTS.

The distribution Voyager is not a distribution with its deposits but an Ubuntu variant as mentioned above, with all its official repositories. The Voyager project share exactly the same basis, common software (software library or synaptic), the same deposits APT, the same code name and the same development cycle.


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