MTG ARENA Nice liitle update tonight they added some fun Items

MTG Arena Nice little update tonight they added some fun Items


MTG ARENA Nice liitle update tonight they added some fun Items

MTG Arnena Nice little update in-game, Lots of streaming Issues today dring out magic the gathering play Mostly on facebooks end this has been endless since Chrome updated and Facebook made their changes we have not been able to live stream with share screen for from 2 to 50 mins and facebook just stops and is done.

the MTG Arena has a nice little update with some great feature changes including  Private games, Gift Packs an event calandar.this will be a welcome addition to the game for sure  I know many have been waiting for these things to come about.

MTG Arena Nice little update

some of the Opponents the last few days have been Tough to beat  at least for me and my level of skill Others have not had the time to play much in the last week and I suspect it won't get better as the holidays close in on us,

we are still pushing to get window running faster more efficient we went through the running processes and shut down everything that is unnecessary and most like some things that are I think we are making progress but keeping in mind this is windows we are talking about and  every update its gets pretty much set back to default condition and you need to start all over .. 

They are doing a nice just with magic let hope facebook nd chrome can get there act togeather quickly .


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