Myongji Hospital, development of medical information exchange system based on blockchain

Myongji Hospital, development of medical information exchange system based on blockchain

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Myongji Hospital, development of medical information exchange system based on blockchain

Myongji Hospital ( Hospital Kim, Hung - Soo ) block chain related professional IT company ( shares ) Non icube ( representing gimmingyeong) sets out the medical information exchange and develop cooperative medical service system based on a chain with a block .

To this end, the two institutions in November 12 afternoon, Myongji Hospital C tube 4 from floor conference room " Cloud security empirical support business MOU ' start tightening the domestic first Myongji Hospital and Jecheon Myongji Hospital between block chains based health information exchange system pilot project He said .

The main contents of the agreement to build a hybrid cloud that combines a public cloud and a private cloud , is that by combining the block chain technology of medical data generated by medical institutions in the process of exchange through the cloud secured to safety on online healthcare information exchange system .

Block chain but usually known as a virtual currency-based technology , in this business stores medical data in new ways, and above ‧ is used as a technique to prevent tampering .

Another device authentication , remote verification , anti-piracy and physical protection through methods such as signed code , the system above ‧ tamper-proof , for building security systems, such as data protection, VPN also apply solutions .

The data exchange service through the inter-hospital block chain is provided to other hospitals through online when the patient agrees to the information . Information service is an authorized user to access the hybrid cloud , of carrying the charge information in block chainsVPN is a system for using the secure communication network exchange .

Hybrid Cloud In this process, the role and the role communication between patient and hospital data and relayed , there is responsible for various parts payment , medical information is not stored .

This service is 2019 aims to commercialize years and have KISA ( Korea Internet & Security Agency ) of the ' cloud services security empirical and security services, development support project " in order to develop health information exchange systems between hospitals performing various vulnerability assessment at Myongji Hospital cloud He said .

Kim, Hung - Soo Myongji Hospital is " when the block chains based health information exchange system to commercialize , avoid unnecessary administrative procedures situation miss the prime time to deal with emergencies with omissions and safety and , medication side effects or expect a rapid clinical support for Allergies I can do it . "


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