MapleStorySEA: Black Mage finally comes to Southeast Asia

MapleStorySEA: Black Mage finally comes to Southeast Asia

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MapleStorySEA: Black Mage finally comes to Southeast Asia 5

The highly anticipated MapleStorySEA: Black Mage V180 update will be released on November 14th2018.

MapleStorySEA: Black’s November 14th patch introduces the following additions to Maple World:

  • Level-up flow improvements
  • Increased efficiency of content for players under level 200
  • Lower total experience points needed to reach level 220
  • Lower the level of Hyper Skill acquisition
  • Increased availability of Mastery Books

The Black Mage content updates will be released over November and December.

Each update comes with a new set of features which existing and returning players can participate, including two new systems; the Alliance & Destiny systems. The Alliance system rewards players with special skills and items to claim based on the Alliance Rank accrued by playing the game.

The Destiny system lets players collect desire currency to fill up a gauge to unlock more story content. This system is designed to ensure that all players, regardless of level, are involved with the telling of the epic that is the Black Mage’s story.

MapleStorySEA: Black Mage update will also implement a limited-time event called Tera Burning. This allows veterans and new players to ‘burn’ a new character and level up 3X faster. Alternatively, the event-only Burning World server lets players level up 1.5X faster and deal increased damage to bosses and regular enemies. Players can create a Tera Burning character in the Burning World server to level up exceptionally fast while enjoying the benefits unique to that world. This character can be transferred to other worlds after the event concludes.

This patch is the culmination of a story that began 10-years ago as Maple World and its’ champions go to war with the hero-turned-villain, the Black Mage. Players will engage with various storylines in their different worlds before joining together for a final, earth-shattering showdown in December.

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