Magic the gathering Arena Wednesday take 3

Fandomfare Magic the gathering Arena Wednesday take 3

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Magic the gathering Arena Wednesday take 3

LIVE STREAM VIDEOS – Fandomfare Magic the gathering Arena Wednesday take 3 Glitches rule the day game freezes, Internet dropping What more could go wrong seem today picked up where yesterday ended full of issues maybe later we will attempt another Stream.

Arena Wednesday take 3

Today was rather harsh in all ways in the gathering Arena not just on the streamside with the freezing game and Internet drops but also wins were a little hard to come by as well seemed like many seasoned players were out testing there deck builds to see how they work.

there have not been any game update in the last week or 2 it is my hope that one of these times an update will happen that improve the upload time on starting the game this seems to be a huge issue there seems to be a limit when it takes to long thing timeout  internet connection and the processor reset priorities .

I have tryed make a few ajustments nothing seems to help you just have to click set the computer aside for 10mins or so and come back, see if it loaded and  dont freeze up trying to join that first game once you get by that it seems to run on as long as you like . 


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