DB Attic Studios Releases Update to Stinky Snake

DB Attic Studios Releases Update to Stinky Snake

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DB Attic Studios Releases Update to Stinky Snake

DB Attic Studios, a mother-and-children team based in New Hampshire, U.S., has just released an update to their first game Stinky Snake.
Although Stinky Snake was released June 26th, 2018, Lead Developer and CEO Darlene Barker felt that there was more to add to the game.
The following features are included in this new update;

  • Partial controller support
  • New levels including a tutorial
  • New enemies, NPCs, and coins
  • New music by Christian Barker
  • New comics by Anabel Barker

The update also features an expanded storyline and hidden underground levels. So, players can now have a reason to explore every crevice of each level.
While DB Attic Studios developed this new update, one of the main goals for Darlene was to create “less of a kill approach to the game”. Since this is a children’s game, she wanted to add to the peaceful atmosphere shown in the first version of the game.
To purchase the game, visit the Steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/773360/Stinky_Snake/

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