VR FPS Zombie Donuts

VR FPS Zombie Donuts

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VR FPS Zombie Donuts

Leading VR development company, Virtro Entertainment has released their latest update of family-friendly, FPS game, Zombie Donuts! Priced at just $0.99, this sweet VR game provides the perfect introduction to VR that everyone will love!
Set in a Candy Apocalypse, the game is jam-packed full of devilishly-sweet action. As spooky zombified donuts pop up from all over Candyland (complete with zombie groans), players must marshmallow blast their way to sweet victory. To provide extra challenge, players have the opportunity to master trick shots and bounce shots plus claim a mountain of floating goodies for extra points. “I won’t sugar-coat it,” says Faye Maidment, Marketer at Virtro, “You’ll need your wits about you to pummel all that pastry”
Additions to the game include:

  • New Characters - Discover ‘Long John Zombie’ and ‘Zom-bit’    
  • Updated ‘Candy Apocalypse’ Environment - In a seemingly perfect Candyland, look a little closer...all is not what it seems…
  • Updated spawning - Find the Zombies spawning out of the ground!
  • Updated tutorial mode - The secret to high scores? Find out in the tutorial!
  • Updated soundtrack - Now with increased Zombie groans!
  • New level balancing - The pastry has a new determination to beat your blaster!
  • New animation sequences The Donuts...THEY’RE ALIVE! And busting some killer ‘Thriller’ moves!
  • Greater feedback on target impact Now experience the full force of your ‘mallow impact!

“Zombie Donuts is not only a great experience for a first-timer in VR it’s also highly competitive,” says Jordan Brighton CEO and CTO, “With the donuts spawning all over the Candyland, it’s even more challenging to blast all of the dastardly donuts, especially the tiny Zom-bit.”


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