Magic The Gathering arena attempt 2

Magic The Gathering arena attempt 2

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Magic The Gathering arena attempt 2

Magic The Gathering arena attempt 2 yesterday when we tried this facebook went down and our live stream never got started.,  just as I was ready to go live facebook crashed we got it all together today 

we had a bit of a rought time with match victorys today but we manage to coplete our daily mission went back later in and got more gold and cardsand had beteer luck with victorys winning 5 matches in the later evening no we didnt stream that.

Magic The Gathering arena attempt 2

one thing that has always confused me  when playing in the arena is how many concede give up before the last plays, in a way I guess if you feel you can't pull it off  why bother on the other hand some of our more experienced players in some way feel its poor sportsmanship how many feel this is the case ? or is it just about plowing as many games in as you can. 

anyway it was fun we hope you liked it, at the time I do my lives always have Ellie to keep thing interesting with her commentary we are doing our best with all our glitches and issues  we really could use a very low cost gaming computer or laptop were going to shoot for a twitch live stream in the next day dont know just when yet will keep you posted 


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