NEW DLC: Galactic Civilizations III - Heroes of Star Control: Origins is now available!

NEW DLC: Galactic Civilizations III – Heroes of Star Control: Origins is now available!

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Galactic CivilizationsIII. The DLC adds 4 brand new playable factions from Star Control: Originsinto Galactic Civilizations III, while the update includes improvements to AI, quality of life, and more.

We’re excited to be bringing the aliens players love from Star Control: Originsinto Galactic Civilizations III. We’re taking an already massive gameplay experience and letting you customize and make the largest strategy space game ever, even larger. Each new faction’s unique leader, ships, music, and traits makes each of them look and play differently from each other and the existing civilizations.

Some features that players can look forward to in the new DLC are:

•   4 new major factions with unique leaders, ship sets, music, and traits

◦   Tywom
◦   Mu’Kay
◦   Mowlings
◦   Free Trandals
•   Dozens of new ship parts from Star Control: Origins for building and modifying your own ships
•   New faction traits
•   New ship style sets

All of the new factions in the DLC have unique traits that are suited to their playstyle and histories. The Tywom, for example, have a trait called “needy” that grants them a morale bonus whenever they make new friends. The Mowlings come with a slow, but powerful ship piloted by the mighty Jeff, who orbits planets and strikes at anyone who comes to mess with his subjects. The Mu’Kay start the game with Universal Translator and Interstellar Alliances techs, and the Free Trandals, suspicious of anything without a proper pulse due to their enslavement under the Overmind, have bonuses when dealing with synthetic and silicon-based lifeforms.

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