Become the Purr-fect Soldier in the Multiplayer Shooter Super Cats, Out Now on iOS

Become the Purr-fect Soldier in the Multiplayer Shooter Super Cats, Out Now on iOS

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Become the Purr-fect Soldier in the Multiplayer Shooter Super Cats, Out Now on iOS

Super Cats, the multiplayer shooter featuring a litter of playable kitties developed by Happy Universe, is available now on the iOS App Store.

Meow-ster 17 distinct unlockable characters, each with their own attack forms, skills and weapon sets, to create a personalized feline fighting force that stands above all the other furballs. Rank up a purr-ferred fighter to access new weapons like Agent C’s Prism blaster, Reggie’s Thunderbomb and Rugby’s Death Penalty grenade launcher. Show off closet-fulls of outfits referencing pop culture characters.

Everything about Super Cats has been designed with accessibility and fun for all in mind. Horizontal maps and aerial camera views streamline navigation, making it easy to keep an eye out for trouble. The two-joystick controls offers a default setup that makes moving, dodging and shooting simple yet satisfying, while experienced players can activate a more purr-cise aiming option and take direct control.

Super Cats offers several gameplay modes with more planned for the future. Bounty mode pits combat cats 3 vs. 3 on a randomized map. Gemcraft mode mixes things up by placing importance on money collection over direct conflict with opposing players. For fans of the chaotic, there’s also Battle Royale mode where the only way to win is to be the last cat standing.

“A good family-friendly action game fulfills the needs and wants for players of all skill levels,” said Martin Ma, Founder of Happy Universe. “Between its variety of game modes, accessible controls and tons of ways to express creativity, Super Cats is packed with fun for the whole family.”

Super Cats is free-to-play on Google Play and the iOS App Store supporting English, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian and German. The game features in-app purchases for new skins and weapons, all of which can be earned through play.


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