Outfit7 Releases the Most Interactive Virtual Friend Mobile Game Ever - My Talking Tom 2

Outfit7 Releases the Most Interactive Virtual Friend Mobile Game Ever – My Talking Tom 2

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Outfit7 Releases the Most Interactive Virtual Friend Mobile Game Ever - My Talking Tom 2

 Today, the whole world is talking about Talking Tom. Outfit7 Limited, the multinational entertainment company behind the sensational Talking Tom and Friends franchise, has just revealed the launch of its most ambitious tamagotchi-style mobile game ever, My Talking Tom 2.

Now available to download, My Talking Tom 2 is Outfit7's most interactive mobile game to date. With world-class gameplay, an amazing suite of mini-games, and advanced features that give Talking Tom's fans more control over their new best friend than ever before, My Talking Tom 2 marks a brand-new generation of mobile game for users of all ages. Talking Tom's lovable personality and wide range of emotions have been expertly developed to forge the strongest virtual friend connection possible.

"Outfit7 has grown significantly in recent years, not just globally, but creatively as well. My Talking Tom 2 is the perfect testament to that," says Boris Dolenc, chief product officer for Outfit7. "The amount of detail, humor, and genuine passion that went into creating this game is clear from the moment your baby Tom arrives. Fans can have fun with Tom in so many innovative ways, from jumping around the living room to flying around the world, playing mini-games to playing with toys and pets. My Talking Tom 2 offers the 360-degree experience you'd expect from a true friendship."

My Talking Tom 2 is the successor to the worldwide sensation, My Talking Tom, which has dominated the most downloaded mobile game charts for years with more than a million installs daily and over 80 million monthly active users. On average, fans spend 35 minutes a day engaging with the game. Outfit7 is now taking the fun (and friendship) to the next level with My Talking Tom 2. From trying on clothes and rating his looks to fixing Tom's boo-boos, the opportunities to bond with Tom are endless. Fans will experience all of the emotions, playfulness, and hysterical silliness of a friendship that will last and develop over a lifetime. 


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