MINImax Tinyverse Official trailer and Steam Public beta.

MINImax Tinyverse Official trailer and Steam Public beta.

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MINImax Tinyverse Official trailer and Steam Public beta.

South Korean developers O'ol Blue Inc have today released the first official trailer for MINImax Tinyverse alongside the announcement that the forthcoming real-time tower-rush brawler, will have an open beta on Steam, starting on the 19th November at 6pm PST.

After the success of the community Beta organized through the official MINImax Tinyverse Discord, fans are welcomed once again to participate in the final public test which will run until the end of November.

First official trailer.

Watch as princess Aidel of Aillai face’s her most formidable enemy, the assassin Kaya of the Creaea realm in the battlefield at the entrance of Ortto’s territory.

In this fierce battle, both sides are supported by players, like you, who have discovered the Tinyverse and who are ready to assist the champions of their chosen realm with a diverse selection of skills.

The forces of Aidel and Kaya will continue clashing, unaware of presence of the supporting player who will assist in controlling the flow of battle, helping to obtain the victory in the endless war of the Tinyverse.

Choose your realm.

Enter the Tinyverse where you can watch and assist the tiny inhabitants as they battle against their adversary realm.

Gamers worldwide looking to try out MINImax will find the Beta available on the official Steam page:

You can add MINImax Tinyverse to your wish list now and the Free-to-play early-access beta will be added to the Steam news announcements in the coming weeks.

O'ol Blue Inc are delighted to announce that MINImax Tinyverse will be released in Early Access on Steam in the coming months and we’ll have an official release date soon after the conclusion of the official Steam Beta.


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MINImax Tinyverse Official trailer and Steam Public beta. 5

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