Kaohsiung to host 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship this November

Kaohsiung to host 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship this November


Kaohsiung to host 2018 IeSF Esports <a  href=World Championship this November" class="wp-image-213234" width="241" height="150"/>

The 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship will be held at Kaohsiung Arena from Nov. 9 to 11. More than 700 esports athletes from over 40 countries have registered for this three-day tournament. Kaohsiung, the host city of the tournament, looks forward to introducing the beauty and hospitality of southern Taiwan to guests arriving from around the world.

The three-day schedule includes championships for “League of Legends,” “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO),” and “Tekken 7.” This tournament will also offer concerts featuring some of the most well-known Taiwanese artists from popular, rock ’n’ roll, and reggae music to enhance the excitement of the event.

In recent years, Kaohsiung City Government has been investing heavily in the development of the gaming industry. Thanks to advantages such as an easy-to-use transportation network, abundant tourism resources, and profound tangible and intangible cultural assets, Kaohsiung City was chosen to host this coming event.

In light of Kaohsiung City’s potential, the Taiwan eSports League has decided to invest NT$200 million (US$6.45 million) in building Taiwan’s first-ever esports stadium at Kaohsiung Music Center, which is located in Asia’s New Bay Area. Based on private and public collaboration, the future development of the esports industry will continue to thrive and flourish in southern Taiwan.

The 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship is hosted by the Chinese Taipei E-Sports Association, Taiwan eSports League, and Kaohsiung City Government. Find out more at http://2018iesf-wc.com.tw/en/.




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Kaohsiung to host 2018 IeSF Esports World Championship this November 5

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