Survive the Nightmare & Defeat an Evil Ringmaster in Bunnymare: Circus Escape

Survive the Nightmare & Defeat an Evil Ringmaster in Bunnymare: Circus Escape

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Survive the Nightmare & Defeat an Evil Ringmaster in Bunnymare: Circus Escape

The unsettling, story-driven puzzler Bunnymare: Circus Escape is launching today on the App Store and Google Play! The gamechallenges players to traverse claustrophobic, twisted levels to reach The Happy Farm. The game was developed by Hybrid Humans – the U.A.E. indie studio led by Fakhra AlMansouri that made its mark with the one-of-a-kind party game, Who Lurks.

Forced to perform for the entertainment of a cruel Ringmaster, you must lead your bunny through four distinct worlds as you attempt to escape the circus. Rely on your puzzle-solving abilities to strategically bounce your way through more than 60 challenging levels encompassing different playstyles – and think ahead to save your hide!

Explore a large number of mini-games as you attempt to unlock all three alternate endings. Fill up your happy meter and navigate your way through portals to uncover a secret world . or two. Enjoy fast-paced, hand-drawn battles against brutal bosses to survive the journey to The Happy Farm.

Bunnymare: Circus Escape addresses animal cruelty with a sharp wit and plenty of dark humor,” says Fakhra AlMansouri, CEO and game director at Hybrid Humans. “Like most of us, the game’s protagonist knows that courage, smarts, and a healthy disregard for your own safety are the best weapons against tyranny. We look forward to welcoming players to the Bunnymare.

Key Features

  • Explore 4 unique worlds with 60+ levels.
  • Compete in a variety of mini-games.
  • Escape the evil circus using multiple playstyles.
  • Enjoy hand-drawn characters and environments.
  • Unlock 3 alternative endings.
  • Prove yourself in fast-paced, challenging boss battles.


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