Dragon Awaken on steam

Dragon Awaken on steam

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Dragon Awaken is a semi-turn based courageous dream mmorpg where you should gather monsters, enhance your shields and grow new abilities and enroll incredible Heroes.

You are the child of a unique Dragon conceived of a confused sea and an antiquated god torn from an endless star, you speak to life and the desire for a specific triumph. The embodiment of mythical beasts will enable you to overcome this new danger, enabling you to assemble unbelievable creatures and secure the heavenly city!

Dragon Awaken

In the past the inward and external planes framed just a single plane bound by the ethereal, the shadow, and the vitality of the stars. Past the standard universe of people there were twelve tremendous kingdoms that kept up a specific harmony among components and energies. Every one of them had figured out how to make an undeniable universe with its characteristic laws, its unprecedented occupants blending in their turn mortal lives, divine beings, evil spirits, blessed messengers, fiends and numerous more abnormal animals both intriguing great and startling you can not envision.

However at the intersection of universes where everything is conceivable, a decided being was conceived, Garuldrix the planar winged serpent. He established the thirteenth kingdom, endeavored to shape every one of his relatives in his very own picture, and after that drove out like creatures the diverse occupants of alternate planes who did not have any desire to bow to his will. Those whom he couldn't degenerate were annihilated. A war broke out among them and this being of malicious, significantly more destroying than any other time in recent memory, it along these lines made the mass migration of a few people the Citadel Promise.

Depleted by the mind blowing battle of their dads, the children of various kingdoms chose to join to confront together this danger and safeguard the last bastion of opportunity. Contenders of all skylines have started to move through the planes and sections of the ether to the material world. All swore loyalty to their faithful comrades to accumulate their forces and thrashing Garuldrix.


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