ROBLOX Build to survive 2

ROBLOX Build to survive 2


ROBLOX Build to survive 2

A new adventure has come along to ROBLOX a sequel to build to survive called... well, I think you guessed it already wait what, you did not guess it already but how, oh now you want to hear the name... ok, it is called build to survive 2 wait what, that is to obvious... how so?

oh I get it now it is a sequel to the first build to survive so build to survive 2 is like there being a cars 1 and a cars 2 so that being the name of a sequel is common anyway let's get to our main focus for today the game.

 as everybody knows (mostly everyone) that ROBLOX is a game about roleplaying and finding different play results all in one game with games with minigames. well all of ROBLOX is games so there is build to survive 2 now what's that you say... you don't know how to play well well well it happens I know the controls use WASD to move, use the left and right arrow keys to move the camera, use 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 0 to use your inventory items, use escape to open the menu when the menu is open use R to reset your character L to leave and press escape again to leave the menu and resume your game, use your cursor to click additional buttons, use other added in keys that are needed.

now in build to survive 1 and 2 you build with blocks to survive monsters and beasts like: evil dantdm, bendy, evil boss babies, vampires, foxy animatronics, and zombies. ad each time A round ends you have only 60 seconds (1 minute) to upgrade your base and make your dream base.

ROBLOX Build to survive 2

now in my video on it, I completed my duty of protecting the citizens of earth and got a job as a teacher and taught: music, science, hang-gliding and ziplining, and I even taught nightclub and lunch. I got stuck in a blimp 999999999999999999999999990999999999999 times and parachuted out and a terrible thing happened the worst thing ever ROBLOX crashed so just think that a exploding bomb exploded him.       😉 

THE                      END

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