A sumo snow monkey has just passed through Dr. Walter's portal!

A sumo snow monkey has just passed through Dr. Walter’s portal!

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A sumo snow monkey has just passed through Dr. Walter's portal!

A New monsters and a world eSport event !

On this day Camex Games announces the launch of a new Monster and a new eSport tournament!

Winter is hard and cold, and the “Japanese snow monkey” is known for its resistance to the lowest temperatures. One of his tricks? Relaxing in hot thermal springs to warm up his daily life! 

Let’s welcome….


No one knew that Saru almost became the first ever snow monkey Yokozuna (sumo wrestler).

Dr. Walter’s portal warped him out of Japan just as he was about to push his opponent out of the ring. His dreams were gone, just like that. On the other side of the portal, even though defeating brings him great joy, he cannot forget the onsen (hot spring) and chanko nabe (hot pot) back home…

Watch the artistic creation video of SARU 

Saru slams the ground, dealing damage to the enemies around him and pushes them around; the sumo can also headbutt opponent s and slap them with his huge hands!

Check outSARU’s skills and strategic video here:

Download the video on google drive:


Sharpen your monster teams with SARU the JAPANESE SUMO!

Rumblers can now download and play THE NEW VERSION to participate in the new eSport event and win SARU THE SUMO FOR FREE! 

Be ready to battle with players from all over the world in this tactical online adventure on the Google Play storeApple App StoreMac App Store, and Steam.

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CAMEX GAMES is an indie studio with a core focus on tactical RPG gameplayCamex Games uses its technological strength to develop and publish games across multiple platforms using a variety of technology. Camex Games’ titles has been globally featured by Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Steam, Kongregate, Facebook, and more. Camex Games was also previously featured on Google I/O as a case study.

Watch the Tactical Monsters trailer: https://youtu.be/FksGo8PEZPE




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A sumo snow monkey has just passed through Dr. Walter's portal! 5

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