Prescription for Sleep: Celeste Now Available

Prescription for Sleep: Celeste Now Available

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Prescription for Sleep: Celeste Now Available

 Scarlet Moon Records is pleased to release the seventh album in their award-winning and Billboard-charting Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies series with Prescription for Sleep: Celeste. This volume is co-produced by Celeste composer Lena Raine and features guest violinist Maiko joining GENTLE LOVE, a duo comprised of Metal Gear Solid/Bayonetta series composer Norihiko Hibino on sax and Etrian Odyssey/PersonaQ pianist AYAKI performing game music favorites in a jazzy lullaby style to sleep and relax to. The album is available digitally starting today, with a digital booklet (Bandcamp and iTunes only) containing liner notes, recording notes, an interview, and comics and illustrations by Maximo Vitay Lorenzo. The limited edition physical CD release will ship in time for the holidays and will be decked out with a 6-panel digipak, purple foil print on the cover, five character stickers, and a 20-page booklet:

Prescription for Sleep: Celeste on Bandcamp (physical edition)
Prescription for Sleep: Celeste on iTunes
Prescription for Sleep: Celeste on Spotify

"A lot of what you hear in the original soundtrack came from the spur of the moment, feeling an emotion and letting myself ride it," reflects composer and co-producer Lena Raine. "In that same sort of way, I feel that Hibino-san and GENTLE LOVE tapped into that same creative flow. They took what I wrote, and felt their way through their own interpretations of those same emotions and sentiments. It's an emotional thing to listen to that reinterpretation and, through those performances, feel a sort of communication out of time, across languages, across the world. The performers and I have never met face-to-face, yet I feel like we've had a conversation. They've heard my part, they've contributed theirs, and I feel refreshed in hearing the result of that musical dialogue. I truly love what we've managed to create here, and I hope you'll enjoy it too."

The full track list for Prescription for Sleep: Celeste is as follows:

01. Resurrections ~ Dream
02. Resurrections ~ Escape
03. Checking In
04. Scattered and Lost (Fan Pick)
05. Quiet & Falling ~ In the Mirror
06. Madeline and Theo
07. Reflections
08. Reach for the Summit
09. Exhale
10. Heart of the Mountain
11. Solemn Acceptance (Original)




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