Porcelain Fortress to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for New Desktop Game: No Time to Relax

Porcelain Fortress to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for New Desktop Game: No Time to Relax

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Porcelain Fortress to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for New Desktop Game: No Time to Relax

“No Time to Relax,” their latest game features “the game of your life,” following around everyday individuals that must work, earn money, maintain an apartment, invest in the stock market, and more to stay afloat.

“No Time to Relax is a life simulation game where up to 4 players compete against one another for the ‘ultimate game of life,’” said Didrik Steinsson, Co-Founder of Porcelain Fortress. “Inspired by games such as Jones in the Fast Lane and the Game of Life, all players will start out in a lousy apartment with no job or education. To win the game, players have to get better jobs, educate themselves, and gain work experience. The rest just falls into place!”

Along the way, players must juggle: cash, well-being, education, and happiness. With unpredictable twists and turns, what might seem easy can easily be thrown off-kilter at a moment’s notice.

Players can compete with their friends, or use the system to try and win against the computer. Features embedded in the game include: single player game mode, high score, multiplayer game modes, online multiplayer, original soundtrack, steam leaderboards and achievements, and keyboard and gamepad support for compatible devices on Windows, Xbox, 360, PS3, PS4 gamepads on Mac or Linux.

In an effort to complete No Time to Relax to its highest quality, as quickly as possible, for players, Porcelain Fortress is taking to Kickstarter where they hope to cultivate a community surrounding their new classic PC game.

“Even though we are completely enamored with our jobs and creating new games, that doesn’t always pay the bills,” said Steinsson. “Therefore, we are taking our game to Kickstarter to convince people to join our growing gaming community. We are welcoming all gamers with open arms.”


Porcelain Fortress was officially founded in 2016. Three of the founding members worked together in a software development company when they discovered they all shared a common dream: to make games. Participating in a game jam shortly after onboarding an artist, Porcelain Fortress released their first game: Gundawn. The rest is history.

No Time to Relax will be accessible on PC, Mac, and Linux gaming systems, available for purchase through Steam, Xbox, and Microsoft Store. The game will be valued at $14.99.

The game is now Live on Kickstarter at:





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