What is MyEtherPony

What is MyEtherPony

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What is MyEtherPony

MyEtherPony or (“MEP”) is a digital pet game on blockchain that lets you collect and trade digital collectibles in the form of ponies. Each pony’s traits and appearance is unique in MEP, you will not find any identical pony here just like in the real-world.

Start off with your favourite pony, and breed to get the rarest one. Showcase your pony’s farm to the community and they will be able to breed and trade with you. General information about your ponies will be available to all viewers to see.

About Gameplay of MyEtherPony

What’s more? MEP offers an innovative gameplay specially designed for your one-of-a-kind blockchain ponies. Beyond being a collectable, we also integrate gameplay for ponies with petting, care taking, competitions, and many more! You can choose to treat MyEtherPonies as simply a collectible, or just have fun by being part of the game.

MyEtherPony adopts the game token called DEKLA (“DKL”). DEKLA is the utility token within the games ecosystem, sustaining the economy of MyEtherPony world. Our innovative gameplay gives you the chance to earn DKL too.




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