WRLDCRAFT RunningPixel AR title that "lets you reshape the world".

WRLDCRAFT RunningPixel AR title that “lets you reshape the world”.

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WRLDCRAFT RunningPixel AR title that "lets you reshape the world".

WRLDCRAFT is the first massive multiplayer cooperative AR game where everyone can build and dig everywhere in a persistent open world anchored to real places.

WRLDCRAFT is a massive multiplayer augmented reality sandox and exploration game for iOS and Android. Fully voxel based lets the player turning the entire world in a multiplayer and persistent sandbox blended with reality. The players can claim zones, start building and getting other player and friends contribute to their buildings.

Player can simply edit his own piece of world or get other zones, trade the chunks of terrain with other players, help other in building things that all the other player would like to visit, build, dig for gold and gems, chase for treasures, explore “virtual” caves, leave messages to the world, remake monuments and piece of arts and so on, the only limit is the player immagination.

“WRLDCRAFT goal is turning the world in a democratic, community driven and open sandbox where everyone can express itself. In a few words: ‘reshape the world’. WRLDCRAFT wants make it persistent and anchored to the reality. Imagine going to Piazza di Spagna in Rome or Central Park in New York and see what people is building in that place. It is like another, alternative, reality.” (Alfio Lo Castro – RunningPixel)

WRLDCRAFT will be available for all the ARKit and ARCore enabled devices. WRLDCRAFT will go soon in alpha stage open to selected testers. If you want to be one of the first trying it please fill this form. Note: all the early supporter will have the right to claim world pieces before any other!

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