Tower Princess conquers the princess just by saving her

Tower Princess conquers the princess just by saving her

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Tower Princess conquers the princess just by saving her

Tower Princess is a game that evokes the classics of action and platforms in 3D, and mixes them with roguelike mechanics, being developed by AweKteam. Recently it has been published at Square Enix Collective, where the gaming community will be able to contribute and give feedback to the developers.

            Tower Princess is a parody of the classic "knight enters in the dungeon, rescues the princess and kills the Dragon", only that this time one does not just "rescue the princess" The knight will have to manage himself to date her and conquer her heart, while goes through a castle full of fantastic monsters and deadly traps!

            As if that was not enough, in the Dragon Domains await lots of trapped princesses (and princes), each of them very different from the others, waiting for a knight or knightess to come to the rescue! The dungeon, the rewards, the challenges, or even the main character itself will change every time you enter the dungeon, making each run unique!

            However, rescuing the princess is only the beginning. The knight will have to do his best to impress the princess he rescues, managing a date and being attentive, while faces all the dangers of the dungeon, to finally battle the Evil Dragon alongside her.!Each princess has its own personality and tastes, so the knight will have to know her well and act accordingly; lest he gives a dead rat to the Human Princess or gold coins to the Zombie Princess.

            The knight will have to put himself together, fulfilling his duty as a hero and conquering the princess love before the Evil Dragon awakens and sets the castle on fire, throwing everything to lose! Luckily, he won't be alone in his quest, he will always be able to ask for help from other knights to collaborate (or compete), playing in MULTIPLAYER mode.




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Tower Princess conquers the princess just by saving her 5

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