Zentyal Server 6.0 Release

Zentyal Server 6.0 Release

Linux Distribution

Zentyal Development Team is proud to announce Zentyal Server 6.0, a new release of the Zentyal Open Source Linux Server with native Microsoft Active Directory® interoperability.

Zentyal Server 6.0 Release


Zentyal Server 6.0 is based on the latest Ubuntu Sever 18.04.1 LTS and comes with the most recent versions of all the integrated software. Most important new features and improvements include:

  • Linux 4.15. kernel with support for most recent hardware
  • Samba 4.7
  • New RADIUS module
  • New Virtualization Manager module

In addition, this new major version comes with important bugfixes and usability improvements, specially in the core, the installer and also in OpenVPN and Antivirus modules (see full changelog for details).

Full list of supported features available at http://www.zentyal.org/server/#server-features




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