Amazon Selects “Tactical Monsters” For Twitch Tournament Organizer!

Amazon Selects “Tactical Monsters” For Twitch Tournament Organizer!

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Amazon Selects “Tactical Monsters” For Twitch Tournament Organizer!

 Amazon has announced a new feature to the Twitch experience – the GameOn Tournament OrganizerCamex Games announces Tactical Monsters is one of the few games selected by Twitch!  for this new function!

GameOn Tournament Organizer is a Twitch extension that allows Twitch content creators to generate tournaments inside the Twitch experience and allow players to join their tournament directly from within games 

The extension currently only works on a select variety of 5 GameOn-enabled titles worldwide, including Tactical Monsters!

TACTICAL MONSTERSStreamers will now be able to invite viewers to join directly from within the game. This extension opens up new horizons for eSport Mobile games and CAMEX GAMES will be among the first wave of global compan ies to implement this new system!

The expansion allows streamers to create eSport Tournaments in Tactical Monsters, then make this tournament live! Players will simply need to enter their GameOn key created specifically for the event and join the online competition!

All that is needed for viewers to be able to participate is integrate the GameOn API. 

Watch the video of a rumble eSport Arena on TWITCH !  

Be ready to battle with players from all over the world in this tactical online adventure on the Google Play storeApple App StoreMac App Store, and Steam.

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