Dungeons and Dragons’ Jeremy Crawford to Deliver PAX Unplugged Keynote

Dungeons and Dragons’ Jeremy Crawford to Deliver PAX Unplugged Keynote

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Dungeons and Dragons at Wizards of the Coast, will give the “Storytime” keynote at PAX Unplugged 2018, taking place Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2018 at Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Dungeons and Dragons’ Jeremy Crawford to Deliver PAX Unplugged Keynote

The lead designer of Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook (5th Ed.), the definitive ruleset for “D&D” players, Crawford joined Wizards of the Coast in 2007 before going on to contribute to many crucial tomes for players and dungeon masters, such as the Dungeon Master’s Guide, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. He then leveled up to become the company’s lead rules designer on the renowned tabletop game.

Dungeons and Dragons is among the important tabletop games ever created, and we still love and enjoy it to this day,” said Penny Arcade co-founder and Acquisitions Incorporated host Jerry Holkins. “We’re honored to have such an influential figure in the game’s history share his experience with PAX Unplugged attendees and can’t wait to hear his stories at the show.”

Badges for PAX Unplugged 2018 are on sale now. Three-day badges are currently available for $65, while single-day badges cost $30. Families can pick up Sunday kids badges (for children age 7 – 12) for $10 apiece. Exclusive PAX Unplugged 2018 pre-sale merchandise, including branded blankets, socks, and dice are now available for purchase as well.

Established in 2017, PAX Unplugged delivers the PAX experience fans know and love, but with a focus on celebrating card, board, and tabletop games. The second year of PAX Unplugged will build on the inaugural event’s success by featuring more exhibitors, new game reveals, hands-on opportunities, tournaments, and panels with industry leaders than ever before.

Produced by ReedPOP, in conjunction with Penny Arcade, the PAX series of gaming conventions – West, East, South, Dev, Unplugged, and Australia – are some of the largest in the world, each with tens of thousands of guests every year. Every show is a celebration of gaming culture, where the gaming community of fans and creators connect via panels, demos, concerts, tournaments, and freeplay sessions.

For further information, visit the official PAX West website.

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