Abandon Ship unleashes The Haunted Seas, 25% off in Steam Halloween Sale

Abandon Ship unleashes The Haunted Seas, 25% off in Steam Halloween Sale

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Abandon Ship has released a new Major Update called “The Haunted Seas”. This spooky-themed update unlocks a new region and standalone story, as well as a whole host of new content and systems. To celebrate the release of this update, the game is part of the Steam Halloween Sale and has a 25% discount.

Abandon Ship unleashes The Haunted Seas, 25% off in Steam Halloween Sale

Take control of a Captain with a tragic past in a new, standalone story. On a routine visit to the port of Mox-Mortis, a strange ship lures you deep into The Haunted Seas. Trapped in Death’s own realm, you must overcome all kinds of unusual challenges while trying to uncover the truth:

– Battle ghost ships crewed by the soulless, Lich Captains resurrecting fallen comrades. They fire strange weapons that soak the deck in blood – zombies emerging from it to attack your crew. Face Undead Kraken in the Giants Graveyard.
– Even the environment conspires against you. Play the correct tune to overcome Organ Island, navigate your way through the Labyrinth and flee a malevolent ice-being as it chases your vessel, attempting to crush it.
– Use the new Souls currency to repair your ship and heal your crew outside of ports. You can even bring long-dead comrades back to life!
The Haunted Seas have also been unlocked in the main game, the story changed as you play a different Captain. Navigate to the port in Mox-Mortis at the base of the region to commence this side-quest.
This Major Update also includes several new systems that expand the base game. Some highlights include:
– New Ship Section Upgrades. Originally only able to select 3 section upgrades, this new menu in port allows you to select 35.
– Ship Storage allows you to keep weapons in your hold, meaning you can change loadout without having to visit port. Normally like to get in close, but this isn’t working against Sea Forts? Switch to long-range weapons and prepare to engage on your terms!
– Two new difficulty levels cater to both casual and hardcore players.

About Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship is a single-player PC game where you take command of an ‘Age of Sail’ ship and her crew, framed in an Art Style inspired by Classic Naval Oil Paintings.

Abandon Ship is available now on Steam:

The game’s website includes further details plus links to social media. By signing up to the newsletter then your name will appear in the game as a randomly generated crew member.

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