Steampunk Graveyard out now on Steam

Steampunk Graveyard out now on Steam

zombie/steampunk themed action platformer game Steampunk Graveyard has released on Steam in time for Halloween with a base price of USD2.99 and a 20% launch discount.

Steampunk Graveyard out now on Steam

Steampunk Graveyard is a 2D action platform adventure where the dead walk with a metallic clunk! The nefarious Baron Richter von Sprocket has been terrifying the local villagers by turning the bodies of the recent dead into piston-powered zombies with mechanical arms and legs, and putting the brains into grenade throwing robotic drones.

It's up to the Baron's mechanically enhanced former protégé, Professor Selene Gasket, to journey from graveyard to graveyard to put an end to the menace. Armed with a revolver, powerful explosives, and spring-loaded blades, players will venture into caverns below the graveyards as they help Selene shoot, blast and slice her way through steel and flesh as she thwarts the Baron's plans.

New graveyard levels are generated each time you play, giving players potentially unlimited gameplay, with the levels short enough for players to jump in whenever they have a few spare minutes and want some zombie blasting action.

Steampunk Graveyard is the third game from Bad Logic Studios, following on from Fortune & Gloria and Pirate Island Rescue, which have both been recently updated.

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