Magic: the gathering Arena Learning Daily

Magic: the gathering Arena Learning Daily

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We have all became fans of Magic: the gathering Arena over the last weeks since we downloaded and started playing  a few weeks ago when the open beta started, Most of us here are first time players my wife  has not played in some years but  is familiar with how the game works and how card  interact and work together

Magic: the gathering Arena Learning Daily

our collection of cards has grown we have been working on a deck of cards from scratch we like to call “Regeneration” we have been testing and tweaking for a few weeks now and for those of us using and getting use to it this grouping is getting stronger and hard to beat  still a work in progress  Like  the rest of us in the group just meeting magic for our first time. 

Magic: the gathering Arena

I have the video here that can give you a good Idea of the progress those of us just learning have made Learning how cards work and together of the game. forgive out video we are a family here we don’t  try to cover that up so our videos can have plenty of background chatter and kids at play in them as well we are using average out of the box budget  laptops and such so our lives can be laggy we have tried recording and editing  but  Live streams are getting 200% better turnout in viewership.

I am hoping to be able to convince others to make some how to video for
Magic: the gathering Arena Like setting up a deck from scratch,testing, tweaking and such in the future  .

for all who have been Watching out Live streams  and our  Readers thanks for your Support Please DOnt forget to Follw and Like  our page ad share  our videos an tips .




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