SELKS5 Beta: new hunting interface

SELKS5 Beta: new hunting interface

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new and upgraded showcase for Suricata has just been released – SELKS5 Beta. Thanks to lots of help from the community and dev work we are pleased to announce the first beta release of our new SELKS5.

 SELKS5 Beta: new hunting interface

Our major new features and additions include :

  • Suricata IDS/IPS/NSM 4.1-dev – latest Suricata packaged with new and enabled features like
    • Full Packet Capture enabled on SELKS  – yes, Suricata can do FPC as well.Rust enabled
      • new protocols SMBv1/2/3, NFSv4, Kerberos, FTP, DHCP, IKEv2more possibility for file extraction – SMTP/HTTP/SMB/NFS/FTP

      Hyperscan enabled for extra performance boost.

  • Major upgrade from Elasticsearch/Kibana/Logtsash (ELK) 5.x to the ELK 6 stack making available a ton of new features and enhancements.
  • Scirius 3.0
    • New Hunt interface allowing for fast drill down approach enabling of filtering out the noise and concentrating on threats in secondsGrouped rules factorization via usage of IP reputation feature of Suricata

  • Evebox – bugfixes and parsing improvements.
  • Debian – our favorite OS
  • Moloch  –  The new SELKS makes use of Moloch and Moloch viewer to parse and view the full packet capture done by Suricata. Moloch comes with an arsenal of tools and features on its own like:
    • CyberChef
    • Extremely flexible and easy to use interface for FPC drill down, filtering,search and pcap export

As always we are very thankful to the above Open Source projects and tools for making it possible to showcase Suricata and our new distro

SELKS is both Live and installable Network Security Management ISO based on Debian implementing and focusing on a complete and ready to use Suricata IDS/IPS ecosystem with its own graphic rule manager. Stamus Networks is a proud member of the Open Source community and SELKS is released under GPLv3 license.


To download SELKS 5, pick one of the two flavors:

SELKS with desktop

  • HTTP: SELKS-5.0beta1-desktop.iso
  • MD5sum: af4ae135dd60baea7183ac5bdb4a5863
  • Sha1sum: 878348effeefda387677002cb0d1aab529752ad3
  • Sha256sum: d6cf5e0bd583315e9b10229a1c73938087e3377997317ceed508fc55e5239c19

SELKS without desktop

  • HTTP: SELKS-5.0beta1-nodesktop.iso
  • MD5sum: 3bfbb8cf626f0f2979f02148c2bad4f5
  • Sha1sum: 80d0b855608ad458781478d1e2e9fd41c56b0c06
  • Sha256sum: 34019555e07e0cf47b3fb1e260f7c0b024553267338f02df8f949a1ef208741f


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SELKS5 Beta: new hunting interface 5

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