PrimTux 4 Release

PrimTux4 is an educational distribution based on the free and open source Linux Debian system.

It offers a complete operating system, with working environments adapted to the 3 cycles of primary school as well as teachers. It is equally suitable for help and school support in a family setting.

It provides its users with hundreds of software covering virtually all academic disciplines. It includes a parental protection device for Internet browsing.

At the start of the distribution, the login screen allows you to launch the environment of your choice:

  • Mini (cycle 1, 3-5 years), pink color;
  • Super (cycle 2, 6-7 years), light green color;
  • Maxi (cycle 3, 8-10 years), sky blue color;
  • Admin (for teachers or parents), navy blue.

PrimTux3 to PrimTux4

  • All versions are now called PrimTux4:
    • PrimTux2 becomes PrimTux4-Debian8-i586-i686
    • PrimTux3 becomes PrimTux4-Debian9-i686 / amd64-DG
    • The version with the most advanced parental control is called PrimTux4-Debian9-i686 / amd64-CTP
    • An update script migrates from Primtux 2 and 3 to PrimTux4 8 or 9 DGs
  • Switch to 2 different versions of parental controls:
    • PrimTux4-Debian9-CTP: e2guardian replaces dansguardian, privoxy replaces tinyproxy. The same browser is used for all because the filtering is done at the user level in transparent mode, the https is filtered, time slots of use can be applied. In this case, a multicore processor is recommended.
    • PrimTux4-Debian9 (8) -DG: Inguardian and tinyproxy are used, the https is filtered by the proxy.
  • Desktop uniformity: All versions of PrimTux have the same desktops.
  • Rewriting HandyMenus with simplification of customization
  • The wallpaper of MothsART becomes the wallpaper of the different sessions. It improves the graphical consistency of PrimTux.
  • New LibreOffice School Interface
  • Update of the reception, with integration of the sorting table of the software according to the material and the level and the heuristic cards.
  • The software manager is back
  • Calcul @ tice goes to the latest version without server
  • Gnome-calculator replaces Qalculate!
  • Openboard replaces Open Sankoré
  • Geotortue is integrated
  • AllEnClic is integrated in French
  • and many other improvements ..

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