Cryptage: Origins Wins the IMGA’s First Ever Blockchain Games Award

Cryptage: Origins Wins the IMGA’s First Ever Blockchain Games Award

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Following the receipt of 400 games submissions, which were eventually shortlisted into 10 finalists, the International Mobile Gaming Awards today announced the winner of the first Blockchain Games Award. The winning entry was revealed as Cryptage: Origins, created by Decenter, a development studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. Cryptage: Origins is a completely decentralized strategic game about the world of cryptocurrency. The Awards Ceremony took place in Manila, Philippines.

Cryptage: Origins Wins the IMGA’s First Ever Blockchain Games Award

“Our objective was to take a deep, long look into this emerging new generation of games and ask ourselves: are these games any fun? What kind of value are they effectively offering to players?” says Maarten Noyons, founder of the IMGA. “We were fortunate enough to gather some of the top experts to help us figure this out.”  

“The connection between games and blockchain forms a new union that is promising for players, developers and publishers alike,” said the jury in a joint statement. “The game entered into the competition clearly utilizes blockchain and cryptocurrency as a drive for innovation. The winning entry, Cryptage: Origins, brings an educational and approachable experience to users new to the blockchain games market. We believe that it is the ideal game to help players get familiar with blockchain, which is of vital importance that this stage to aid in wider adoption”

IMGA founder Maarten Noyons, Joony Koo of Blockcrafters, Luna Javier of Altitude Games, Paul Gadi of, Marc Coupal of Enjin, and other experts in the games and blockchain communities formed the jury who determined the winner of the first IMGA Blockchain Games Award.

The first IMGA Blockchain Games Award was made possible with the support of and Magnachain.

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