TwogNation Launches Esports’ First Tournament Aggregator

TwogNation Launches Esports’ First Tournament Aggregator


Twognation (, an esports focus holding company, has developed its first esports tournament aggregator with unique features.

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TwogNation Launches Esports’ First Tournament Aggregator

“In recent years, esports is one of the fastest-growing international sports. Gamers, who participate in professional and amateur gaming tournaments, have to switch between 50+ tournament platforms, multiple tools and numerous small organizers.” said Ignat Bobrovich, Co-Founder and CEO at the TwogNation, which has created TwogHub.

TwogHub is a unique gamer-centric ecosystem for competitive gaming. Key features to date are:

  • Tournament finder, which helps gamers to quickly find and access all competitive gaming tournaments
  • Gamer passport, which accumulates all competitive gaming data and allows gamers to monetize it

At users can find tournaments for most game titles hosted by all tournament platforms using multiple easy-to-navigate filters! More games and platforms are added every day. For more information on TwogHub -features, esports competitions, visit or contact Ivana Nikolic, TwogHub Marketing manager [email protected]

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