iCandy’s Interactive’s Upcoming CryptantCrab Opens for Pre-sale!

iCandy’s Interactive’s Upcoming CryptantCrab Opens for Pre-sale!

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The time to create your virtual crab collection starts today as the CryptantCrab Pre-sale is now open. All participants for this event will earn ‘Pioneer’ status, a unique tag that is attached to these pre-sale crabs. iCandy Interactive, the developer behind this blockchain game, is also increasing the chances of obtaining ‘Legendary’ CryptantCrabs, for every purchase.

iCandy’s Interactive’s Upcoming CryptantCrab Opens for Pre-sale!

The Pre-sale event, which is open to all pre-registered players and the general public, will run for three weeks. The pricing for pre-sale will start from 0.12 ETH and will increase every hour.

Over 1 Million Combinations; One Unique CryptantCrab
In its initial roll-out, CryptantCrab players can hatch and discover the traits of their new virtual crustaceans; they can familiarize themselves with the looks, general stats, elemental affinity, as well as the strengths and weaknesses. Elemental traits are just one of the many variables that players must take into consideration as it will provide added advantages when the ‘Battle’ system comes online.

The other factor is the ability to mutate the parts on the CryptantCrab. When using Cryptant, the game’s only resource, players can mutate the parts – claws and legs, and alter the looks and fighting prowess of the crabs.

Creating the World of CryptantCrab
Developed by Appxplore (iCandy) Ltd, a subsidiary of Australia-listed iCandy Interactive, CryptantCrab is the studio’s first foray into blockchain gaming. As a mobile games industry veteran, iCandy Interactive believes it is timely to explore new innovations, like blockchain, that have the potential to improve the video games space.

Previous games from this video game developer include the award-winning Alien Path, hugely popular Crab War, and fast-rising Light A Way. These are the ones that fully showcase the game developer's experience in this space.

Besides creating a safe and secure environment for players, they now also enjoy true ownership over their CryptantCrabs. That means, the time, effort, and funds spent on this blockchain game can be converted to real-world assets as the digital crabs have proper market value.

While the Pre-sale reveals how the CryptantCrabs will look and the overall interface for the game, it is only at launch, which is at the end of Q4 2018, that the mutation, Auction House, and Crab shop features will be made available. As per the roadmap, iCandy Interactive will introduce the Battle System and other functions later on. All these features work together to provide players with in-depth gameplay experiences that will appeal to both casual and experienced gamers.

Interested players who want to join the Pre-sale can head on towww.cryptantcrab.io for more details.


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