Hugo Games Hires Experienced Lead from King to Build a New Specialized Berlin Studio

Hugo Games Hires Experienced Lead from King to Build a New Specialized Berlin Studio

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Hugo Games has decided it will open a new and highly specialized studio in Berlin and is proud to announce that the new office will be headed by gaming industry veteran and casual games expert Mr. Moritz Voss.

Hugo Games Hires Experienced Lead from King to Build a New Specialized Berlin Studio

Moritz Voss is a former technology lead at King, the company behind the Candy Crush mobile games. He was the Technical Lead in King’s Berlin studio developing Candy Crush Jelly Saga – a game franchise installment with a monthly revenue of four million USD, according to the analytics company Priori Data.

“We consider the hire of Moritz Voss as our new studio lead as a major coup because of his track record at King studio – one of the most successful mobile gaming companies in the world,” says Hugo Games CEO Henrik Nielsen.

“Moritz Voss was instrumental in building a game studio in Berlin from scratch to over 80 people and we are very proud that he now has joined us for a new challenge at Hugo Games – bringing together a highly experienced Berlin team in the coming months. The timing is perfect because Hugo Games is the first mobile developer to be granted the permission to build a puzzle game around the iconic ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ comic book franchise.”

There are several reasons why Hugo Games thinks it’s imperative to set up a Berlin studio. One is that Hugo Games has big ambitions regarding Match 3 mobile games and that it prefers to place the development of these games, like the upcoming “The Adventures of Tintin” game, in the hands of a dedicated expert team.

Another reason is that Berlin is becoming a new European mobile game development hotspot. The best and brightest developers are heading towards the German capital right now and Hugo Games CEO Henrik Nielsen wants to tap into that workforce. He points to the agreement with Moritz Voss as an example of the potential for talent in Berlin.

The plan for the new Berlin Studio is to sign additional global Intellectual Properties (IP’s) which will fit to the Match 3 game type, securing a steady stream of new games coming out from the new Berlin studio in the coming years. In establishing the Berlin studio, Hugo Games also follows its strategy of spreading risk.

The Candy Crush games are regarded as the most popular Match 3 mobile games in the world. Moritz Voss is thrilled to be tasked with building a new Berlin team for Hugo Games.

“I’m very excited to join Hugo Games and use what I have learned and experienced over the recent years at King,” says Moritz Voss. “I plan to bring together a strong and hand-picked team of my own here in Berlin that can execute on Hugo Games’ strategy of making successful mobile games based on global IP’s.”




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