Retrotainment Games has announced that their classic 8-bit style beat ‘em up, Haunted Halloween ’86 will be available for free to those that participate in an upcoming Halloween costume promo from October 30 – 31st. Participation instructions can be found below:

8-Bit Halloween Game Haunted Halloween ‘86 is Free to Those That Participate in Halloween Costume Promo from October 30 – 31st

- Take a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume
- Photoshop the image in the Haunted Halloween ’86 template (template can be found here)
- Tweet your image @RetrotainmentHQ with the hashtag #HauntedHalloween86 on October 30 or October 31st
- Lastly, follow @RetrotainmentHQ

All participants will receive a free Haunted Halloween ‘86 Steam key via Twitter DM and at least one participant will win a physical NES cartridge version of Haunted Halloween ’86 that works with original NES consoles.

For those that don’t participate in the promotion, Haunted Halloween ’86 is currently on sale for $5 (50% off) on the Xbox store and will be discounted on Steam from October 29 – November 1st.

For more information visit the website of Retrotainment Games. Further assets, including new screenshots, can be downloaded here.
About Retrotainment Games

Retrotainment Games is an independent video game developer that’s dedicated to keeping cartridge gaming alive. Our latest game is Haunted Halloween ’86, an old-school beat em up that was funded through Kickstarter and built for the original NES. We’re also helping bring Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X back to market in collaboration with Capcom and iam8bit.

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