MINImax Tinyverse - Steam Beta Announced

MINImax Tinyverse – Steam Beta Announced

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developers O’ol Blue are pleased to announce what’s next for the forthcoming tower-rush brawler, MINImax Tinyverse.

MINImax Tinyverse - Steam Beta Announced

November 2018: Steam beta
MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time, tower-rush brawler where you, “max,” assist an army of “MINI” troopers and champions in the fight between the realms of Aillai and Creaea.

Requiring not only quick thinking and fast-paced reactions, but strategy and knowledge about the characters, miracles and their strengths and weaknesses. Overlook the entire battlefield as you protect and support one side in the eternal battle between Aillai and Creaea.

Utilizing ground-breaking artificial intelligence, your troopers and champion will fight to the death, but with a wide variety of miracles you can assist your heroes as they seek to conquer the enemy territory. Master the powers to freeze, turn day to night and rain annihilating meteors from the skies and loosely interact with the champion to carve their path to victory, you’ll find every action can turn the tide of battle.

Champions come in all shapes and sizes, from characters fitting the tank role, to healers and spell-casters, every champion is unique. Such as the opposing spell-casters Shainen and Fainuke, while Shainen relies on powerful fire magic, her class counterpart Fainuke uses quick waves of shocking electrical magic offering a similar role but a very different play-style.

Troopers continue to expand. specializing in killing others, troopers that tank, troopers that heal, and troopers with high mobility, troopers that can hide at night, troopers that can demolish the towers quickly, and in the near future, developers O’ol Blue will be bringing even more amazing characters, like cavalry style troopers and flying units.

MINImax Tinyverse keeps surprising its old and new players with the progressive changes and improvement of the game-play contents.

Community Beta
The community beta has now finished and what better way to explain a little more about MINImax Tinyverse than quotes from some of the community beta participants.
“When people ask me about MINImax Tinyverse, I always tell them it’s a simplified pocket MOBA, but you watch the whole map instead of your hero, and get to drop spells to change the battle” -LPFishtales.
“MINIMax Tinyverse is a fast-paced, strategic tower defense game. In the game, you control the abilities of either a Champion from the Humanoid Realm Aillai or the Beast Realm Creaea”  -BloopVerified.

Steam beta
The developers are hard at work implementing the ideas and feedback from the community beta,
as we look forward to the next phase, we’re pleased to announce the first Steam beta of MINImax Tinyverse is due to start this November.
We’ll have more news in the coming weeks with details on dates and new features.
Press Kit
Explore our brand new press kit
About MINImax Tinyverse
Developed by O’olBlue Inc. MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time strategy game with a difference, watch and assist the heroic champions of your chosen realm and guide them to victory in chaotic 1v1 battles.

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  1. Hello Fandom Fare and thank you for updating people about our tinyverse!

    We are bringing some extra news:

    MINImax Tinyverse has recently shared a new Press Release sharing its Gameplay Trailer and the official date of its Beta on Steam, November 19th 6pm PST

    Here is the trailer:

    And we invite everyone to visit the MINImax antique shop and meet our tiny champions during our Beta!

    MINImax Tinyverse can be found and wishlisted on Steam here:

    See you in Beta! Tiny is Mighty!

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