Glitch Goons blockchain game begins pre-sale

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Glitch Goons mobile-based blockchain fighting game offers an exclusive rare items pre-sale.

Glitch Goons blockchain game begins pre-sale

The blockchain fantasy RPG game Ether Quest opens the pre-sale today for their upcoming mobile blockchain fighting game Glitch Goons. The game is an ambitious blend of cyberpunk fighting game and multi-blockchain supported cryptocurrency, issuing it’s own ERC-20 based token called GameCoin (GC).

Cybernetically enhanced animal-humanoid fighters battle each other automatically in a futuristic vaporwave saturated atmosphere. The fighting in Glitch Goons is not based on manual skill, instead players must focus on managing their fighter’s equipment, skills and stats to be victorious.

The pre-sale which begins today and runs for 3 weeks, gives players and investors the opportunity to purchase a variety of exclusive item packages that will not be duplicated or sold in the in-game shop once the pre-sale has finished. Each package contains five random but unique gear items, ranging in rarity from common to legendary. There are also 5 rare sets of unique items distributed throughout the pre-sale chests (Cosmic, Fusion, Crimson, Shining, and Ancient), When players equip their fighters with two or more items from the same rare set, they activate a set bonus which enhances their fighter abilities.

The cost for pre-sale chests varies from 0.5 ETH to 10 ETH with generous discounts of up to 90% off regular price. Also up for grabs are packages of GameCoin (GC) tokens issued by Ether Dale, which will be used as a hard currency in the game. GameCoins will be sold in either a Gamer pack (4,000 GC) at the cost of 10ETH or a very exclusive investor pack of 1,000,000 GC available for 500 ETH. All the revenue gained during the pre-sale will be used to fund the in-game tournaments prize pool.

Glitch Goons is set to release in late November, 2018. Then all players will have a chance to compete in tournaments and win real prizes. However, Ether Dale developers stress that those who help support the game by investing in pre-sale packages will have an advantage when it comes to fighting with high rarity gear.

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