Feren OS 2018.10 Release

Feren OS 2018.10 Release

Linux Distribution

Feren OS 2018.10  It's been 3 months since the last Snapshot, so... if you don't know what that means: It calls for a New Feren OS Snapshot, and it's now released for the 64 Bit Architecture and the 32 Bit Architecture... Also, what irony it is that this released the same day as Ubuntu's first ever release turned 14. Happy birthday, Ubuntu! (Again, didn't realise until I finished writing this and scheduled it... :v)

Feren OS 2018.10 Release

This release comes with a series of improvements, though most of these concern bridging the way to the Feren OS of the future, including but not limited to tweaks in the theming of the OS, adding more modularisation to the software added to Feren OS by me, and overall allowing for a more seamless transition to what will be Feren OS in the future, when it comes.

Updating to the October 2018 Snapshot Feren OS 2018.10

Simple. Just go into the Update Manager, hit Refresh, and install any updates that might be there, once you've done that, congrats, you're now on the October 2018 Snapshot! This should also be true for users of the 16.04-based Feren OSs, though, seriously, do the Major Update if that's so, there's plenty of improvements waiting for you on the other side...

Changes from July 2018 to October 2018:

Changes-wise, there isn't that much to talk about regarding the Feren OS front-end, as most of the work has been done improving the backend of many applications Feren OS has of its own, and more. Here's a few of the noticeable changes however:

​New Background Set... and a New DE supporting the easy viewing of this and newer background sets

Just like every other Feren OS Snapshot before it, the October 2018 Snapshot contains a new background set. However, the main thing that strikes this apart from previous updates is that the location of the backgrounds has changed to /usr/share/wallpapers, meaning...
​...they now appear in KDE! (hint hint)

Download (SHA256) the latest Feren OS from SourceForge: Feren OS x64.iso (

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