Pop!_erating system has leveled up with Pop!_18.10

Pop!_erating system has leveled up with Pop!_18.10

Linux Distribution

 Pop!_erating system has leveled up with Pop!_18.10. Most of the new updates will also be rolled into Pop!_18.04. Here’s what we’ve been working on since our last Pop!_OS announcement:

Pop!_erating system has leveled up with Pop!_18.10

New kernel, graphic stack, and GNOME desktop environment for Pop!_18.10

  • 18.10 will have lots of updated packages from upstream Ubuntu that 18.04 won’t get
  • Theme changes and visual tweaks to widgets give your favorite OS some extra Pop!


  • Application previews now load faster.
  • Improvements to the UI to prevent it from freezing, like a down jacket sewn from phoenix feathers.
  • Oh, and before we forget, there’s also some resolutions for outstanding memory leaks.

CUDA and TensorFlow

We keep CUDA and TensorFlow up to date and easy to use. Now, you can take CUDA + cuDNN + TensorFlow installation from 100 lines of code to a single command. To install the latest Tensorflow with the CUDA Toolkit, please run the command:

sudo apt install tensorflow-cuda-latest



  • A large number of bug fixes have been applied to distinst and installer since 18.04.
  • Distinst is currently being split apart into multiple Rust crates.

System76 Power


  • Improved CLI utility with new subcommands and arguments.
  • A new “–experimental” flag was added to the daemon to enable additional power-saving features.

Debian Repository Builder

  • Pop! now hosts its own repos built from our new open source tool.
  • Fetches, builds, and generates APT repos from a TOML config.
  • The debrep tool is also being split apart into multiple crates.

Ready to get started? Download and install Pop!_18.10 here: https://system76.com/pop

To upgrade to Pop!_18.10 from 18.04, please run the following command:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo sed -i s/Prompt=lts/Prompt=normal/ /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades




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