Ubuntu Studio 18.10 Released

Ubuntu Studio 18.10 Released

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The Ubuntu Studio team is pleased to announce the release of Ubuntu Studio 18.10 “Cosmic Cuttlefish”. As a regular release, this version of Ubuntu Studio will be supported for 9 months.

Ubuntu Studio 18.10 Released

Since it’s just out, you may experience some issues, so you might want to wait a bit before upgrading. Please see the release notes for a complete list of changes and known issues.

Click Here to Download Ubuntu Studio 18.10

Changes This Release

Major Upgrade to Ubuntu Studio Controls

Ubuntu Studio Controls has historically been the app to run to get initial audio configuration set for your system. This release, Ubuntu Studio Controls has undergone a major rewrite, and has the following features:

  • Option for changing the CPU governor
  • Configuration of JACK, including any attached USB audio devices
  • Configuration of the JACK-PulseAudio Bridge
  • Configuration of the JACK-ALSA MIDI Bridge

Ubuntu Studio Controls now, for the first time ever for any JACK configuration GUI, configures JACK to automatically detect hot-plugged USB audio devices and allows you to use more than one audio device at a time. This is something you will find in no other such utility.

Future plans for Ubuntu Studio Controls includes configuration of WACOM Tablets, which is something currently not available in our default Xfce desktop environment.

Inclusion of PikoPixel

PikoPixel is an easy-to-use application for drawing & editing pixel-art.

  • Unlimited undo
  • Supports multiple layers
  • Customizable canvas background and grid patterns
  • Hotkey-activated popup panels
  • Export upscaled images
  • Supports linear (gamma-correct) color blending

Other Changes

Among those applications upgraded in this release is GIMP 2.10, which saw its release shortly before the release of Ubuntu Studio 18.04. Due to a library conflict between GIMP 2.10 and MyPaint, we had to make the hard decision to drop MyPaint from the default installation of Ubuntu Studio beginning in 18.10, citing other tools, such as Krita, as filling a similar role in graphical art production. As such, if both are installed and you wish to upgrade to Ubuntu Studio 18.10, you must uninstall GIMP or MyPaint for the upgrade to be successful. We apologize for this inconvenience. At this time, we are waiting for the upstream developers of MyPaint to release a new version based on libmypaint 1.3 before both can be co-installable again.

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