Ubisoft, Enjin and Other Leading Gaming and Blockchain Companies Form Blockchain Game Alliance

Ubisoft, Enjin and Other Leading Gaming and Blockchain Companies Form Blockchain Game Alliance

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Some of gaming and blockchain’s most notable names and companies have aligned to form the Blockchain Game Alliance, including the likes of Ubisoft, Enjin, ConsenSys, Alto, B2Expand, Ultra, Fig, Gimli, and EverdreamSoft.

Ubisoft, Enjin and Other Leading Gaming and Blockchain Companies Form Blockchain Game Alliance

With its core mission to affect change and advance the integration of blockchain in the games market, the coalition aims to develop new standards and best practices regarding the application of blockchain technology. By educating players, developers, device manufacturers, and regulators to the benefits the blockchain can provide to all parties, the Blockchain Game Alliance plans to normalize blockchain-integrated games.

“For Ubisoft, we are really here to support the ecosystem. Our CEO is a believer, he talks a lot about blockchain in interviews,” said Ubisoft Blockchain Initiative Manager Nicolas Pouard during the announcement. “Our expectation is that in some years from now, we will all forget that blockchain is a thing, because it will be here.”

The announcement was recently made at the Blockchain Game Summit in Lyon, France, an event organized by B2Expand, a blockchain game consultancy firm instrumental in the creation of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

In his keynote presentation at the Summit, Enjin CTO Witek Radomski spoke about the blockchain development platform Enjin is creating to enable game developers to integrate blockchain assets into their games. Delving into the process of storing game item ownership, history, and metadata on the blockchain, Radomski shared how it will enable player-owned assets to be integrated into multiple games, websites, and geolocation apps for a user experience beyond what has been previously imaginable or showcased even in science fiction.

As part of the initiative, Enjin and ConsenSys are currently in policy talks with Google and Apple regarding standardization of blockchain game development practices to ensure beneficial results for gamers, game developers, and device manufacturers.

Enjin is also soon to release their Software Development Kit for Unity Game Engine—the first click-to-create blockchain development platform in the world—which will enable 4.5 million Unity developers to easily implement blockchain items into their games.

 The games market is the fastest growing entertainment segment in the world. Three years ago, the global games market earned $93 billion in revenue, with those earnings projected to reach $180 billion in another three years.

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