Blistering 2D shoot ’em up Fast Striker is out now on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

Blistering 2D shoot ’em up Fast Striker is out now on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

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Developed by NGDEV, the masters of oldschool arcade action classics like Gunlord, NEO XYX, and RAZIONFast Striker is a fast-paced, reflex action vertical shmup taking cues from 80s classics of the genre to deliver an eyeball searing slice of sci-fi, mechanised action. With a strong emphasis on its elaborate score system, players must blast their way through six sizzling stages, unforgettable boss encounters and over 40 unique enemy types, all at a gorgeous 60 frames per second.  

Blistering 2D shoot ’em up Fast Striker is out now on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

Fast Striker is out now on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita  

“We’ve been shmup fanatics for decade and Fast Striker may be our most accessible title yet,” said René Hellwig, Game Designer at NGDEV. “Fast Strikerretains the brutal, punishing difficulty of the best bullet hell games, while also offering options for newcomers who want to enjoy the frenetic mayhem without dedicating themselves to the masochistic practice of mastery.”

The physical release of Fast Striker includes a region free physical copy, full-color printed manual, original soundtrack CD, an individually numbered collector’s certificate and a Collector’s box, with a beautifully embossed logo. The physical release of Fast Striker can be purchased at for a limited time. 

About Fast Striker
Fast Striker is a 2D vertical shoot’em up. Blast through 6 action-packed stages and encounter huge boss battles. 4 game modes, an elaborate scoring system and adjustable screen & control settings will bring back classic arcade memories.


  • 6 Stages, including huge boss battles
  • 4 Game modes: Novice, Original, Maniac & Omake
  • Elaborate scoring system
  • Adjustable screen & control settings
  • Constant 60 fps




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