Zombidle: Fun With Surgery Is An Update With A Lot of Guts

Zombidle: Fun With Surgery Is An Update With A Lot of Guts

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Zombidle, the monster-horde game from the madmen at Berzerk Studio where the good guys finish last, homeless and on fire is ready to dial it to 11. Join Bob the Necromancer and a horde of his evil buddies as they once again rampage across the land of… Goodlandia. The crew has been through hell and back, and now they’ve decided it’s time to unlock the power within by playing the bad-guy equivalent of Operation. Equipped with even more options for mayhem than ever before, Bob and his band of misfits will have the intestinal fortitude to wreak havoc like never before. This newest update unlocks a huge array of new options, all of which involve shoving new guts into your trusty necromancer Bob like you’re trying to keep a second-hand Lada running.

Zombidle: Fun With Surgery Is An Update With A Lot of Guts

Zombidle has been in active, community-involved development since 2015, and has received steady content updates that keeps fans coming back to help Bob continue the endless battle to defeat those pesky forces of good… for good. Fans of Idle and Incremental titles will find that Zombidle is to die for.

  • Zombies. Necromancers! An inscrutable sentient monolith named Carl.

  • Cross-platform compatibility. Play your game on iPhone, Android or PC, and all progress will stay synced.

  • Zombidle: Fun with Surgery is the biggest update in over two years, and possibly ever! Shayne is pretty proud of it, he deserves this win.

  • Do your part to take those smug good guys down a peg while amassing a pile of organic, locally-sourced free-range skulls.
  • Update Celebration Sale: Oct. 12-15 all in-game premium currency is doubled!

  • Upgrade the innards of Bob the Necromancer like a beat up old car and unlock EVEN MORE POWER.

Zombidle is free to play and available now on iOS, Android, and Steam.


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