Challengermode and DreamHack launch national esports leagues

Challengermode and DreamHack launch national esports leagues

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Challengermode connects its National Esports League to DreamHack's Nordic Championship.

Challengermode and DreamHack launch national esports leagues

The national leagues, jointly named NEL - National Esports Leagues - were launched as a concept this spring. During the summer, the Baltic version, BEL, was launched and in the beginning of November the Nordic leagues will start. The top teams from each country will have the chance to play in DreamHack’s Nordic Championshipin the beginning of 2019.

The purpose with the leagues is to create a structure
where regular players can compete at their skill level in national
competitions and get the chance to go all the way to international
professional competitions. Similar to how football leagues across Europe
are linked to the UEFA Champions League each year.

- We
have been working with DreamHack for over three years and creating a
league system with finals arranged by DreamHack has been a common vision
for a long time. Dreamhack has a forum for physical contests and gaming
events and we have an online-based platform for competitive gaming. So,
we complement each other very well,
says Robel Efrem, CEO of Challengermode.

also explains that for gamers who are used to getting quick rewards,
they will aside from getting their share of the Nordic Championship’s
prize pool, also be able to unlock prizes and rewards during the league
play by climbing the divisions.

- With
promotions and demotions in the divisions each month, the leagues will
be very exciting to follow. The Nordic Championship will be even more
spectacular next year. Hopefully, we will see a lot of new teams that
will compete for the title of Nordic Champions in League of Legends and
said Robert Häggström, Project Manager for the Nordic Championship at DreamHack.

The leagues will be played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends, leading to the finals arranged by DreamHack. The NEL competition for the game PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS)is
already under way in a joint Nordic league held separately from the
Nordic Championship and in the coming seasons, more game titles, such as
Dota 2, will be added as well.

Click to learn more about the Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian leagues, respectively.

is a Swedish tech startup working on a competitive gaming platform that
offers the most accessible competitive gaming experience for
professional and non-professional gamers alike. Working closely with
game developers, brands and tournament organizers, the Stockholm based
company provides an esports platform built to combat a growing
disconnect within the esports industry.

of thousands of tournaments have been hosted through the platform
together with partners and brands such as Dreamhack and OMEN by HP. Some
of these include the "Nordic University Esports Championship" and
"League of Schools", two popular school competitions. With these and
future competitions Challengermode aims to build a bridge between
amateurs and professionals and provide a clear path to the top.

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