Earthbound Games announces first Axiom Soccer closed-beta tournament

Earthbound Games announces first Axiom Soccer closed-beta tournament

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Earthbound Games is inviting players and streamers to sign-up for the first closed-beta tournament of Axiom Soccer – the multiplayer stadium-based sports shooter, launching on PC and console in early 2019.

Earthbound Games announces first Axiom Soccer closed-beta tournament

Hosted and refereed by Earthbound’s Community Team, the tournament will be kicking off at 7pm on the 11th October.  During each competition, players will go head-to-head for a chance of glory and to win prizes including Steam vouchers and Axiom Soccer merchandise.

The tournament will give players and streamers the opportunity to experience Axiom Soccer’s innovative gameplay, which combines elements of soccer and pool with classic shooter-skills and weapons to deliver high-adrenaline arena-based action.

Developed specifically with the streaming and eSports communities in mind, the closed-beta will allow the Earthbound team to test Axiom Soccer in a live tournament environment, and trial some of the innovative streaming functionality that lets spectators watching on streaming platforms actually become part of the live in-game crowd.

Chris Stamp, CEO, Earthbound Games, commented: “We had an incredible response from players who took part in our previous closed-beta, and we’ve taken all their feedback on board. Now we’re opening the game up again and this time we’ll be focusing on optimising the tournament format ready for launch. 

“As part of that, we’re encouraging players and Twitch streamers to sign-up and help us make Axiom Soccer the best competitive online sports-shooter in the world.”

Registration for the tournament is open now and players can sign-up for the tournament by visiting, either in advance of 11th October or on the morning of the competition. 




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