“HDX20”, a new Ethereum Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem and “ETHERKNIGHT”

“HDX20”, a new Ethereum Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem and ETHERKNIGHT

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ETHERKNIGHT both running on your WebGL desktop browser. In “ETHERKNIGHT” 4 Knight Characters are racing against each other to be the first to reach the goal and win the pot of gold.

“HDX20”, a new Ethereum Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem and “ETHERKNIGHT”

"We are proud and excited to move on the Ethereum Blockchain by releasing our own original ERC20 Token “HDX20”, the “HDX20” is a participative token allowing holders to receive a stream of income from the volume of transactions in our exchange and from any HDX20 POWERED GAMES. With the HDX20 you are like owning a share of the exchange yourself and get rewarded on price appreciation. ETHERKNIGHT is the first game using the HDX20 technology and is designed around the simple concept of 4 characters racing to get the pot of gold, the game is so fun and rewarding to play, it will appeal to a broad audience of crypto-enthusiast “says HyperDevbox founder and CEO Carlo Perconti.


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